Fake Green Xanax bars

Fake Green Xanax Bars

Fake Green Xanax Bars – A threat to the healthcare system

The surge of counterfeit drugs is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is needless to say it poses a significant health threat to users, and often people end up buying fake Xanax bars that are a threat to health. Understanding the Difference Between Real and fake green Xanax Bars is crucial, and this will help discern and choose genuine bars and manage the anxiety and allied symptoms effectively.


About Xanax 

Xanax (Alprazolam) is a type of BZD that primarily treats anxiety, seizure, panic attacks, and comorbid depression. It is a schedule IV controlled group drug due to drug abuse and misuse risk.

Xanax bars are potent bars that contain 2 mg of the active ingredient and are often used for recreational purposes. Xanax bars are available in various colors and strengths, and all the available variants are approved by the FDA. 

Xanax is also used for recreational purposes, which is why the chances of getting fake Xanax increase twice compared to other drugs.

It is closely monitored when prescribed by a doctor, as taking it in large doses may result in addiction, drug abuse, and misuse. In addition, Fake Xanax is extremely dangerous as it contains hazardous and lethal substances called “ Fentanyl”, and poor and sub-quality medicine threatens public health globally. Fake drugs result in increased morbidity, mortality, deterioration of overall health ineffectiveness in treatment.


Is Fake Green Xanax Bars Lethal?

Fake Xanax is more addictive and dangerous for many reasons; here, we will highlight how you can easily differentiate between counterfeit green Xanax bars. 

DIscerning fake Xanax through naked eyes is impossible, but there are specific points you must keep in mind.

It is laced with deadly substances and can cause profound health contradictions. Fake Xanax contains fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is readily available and at a very cheap price. It is often mixed with fake Xanax, with little or no Alprazolam( active ingredient).  Fentanyl is a dangerous element, often used in illicit drugs( cocaine, heroin). It is highly addictive and increases the risk of addiction manifold compared to legit Green Xanax bars. 


How to check the quality of XANAX

There are several ways to check the authenticity of the drug. Often people are confused when it comes to streamlining fake XANAX. And to help you here, we will throw light on how you can easily differentiate between counterfeit green Xanax and GENUINE  Xanax. 

  • Pale green color and unusual font, font size 
  • Typo errors and spelling errors are red flags for fake green Xanax bars
  • Excessive residual powder in the tablet
  • The imprint is slightly off, and often symmetry is missing.
  • Crushed broken OR abraded tablet
  • Multiple scored tablets, whereas genuine GREEN Xanax bars have three vertical lines for equal distribution and ease of breakage.
  • unequal size and shape of the drug, for instance, rough edges and uneven shape of the bar.

With these few points, you can check the authenticity of the drug. It is essential to buy from a genuine service provider as this will undoubtedly help you get 100 % authentic drugs that will help effectively manage the condition.

All these points may help when it comes to differentiating between Fake and genuine, but at the same time, if you have some other symptoms, then the best bet is to seek immediate medical attention.


How to quit Xanax?

Do not quit Xanax cold turkey as this will lead to abrupt changes in the body, which can worsen the condition. Always seek medical and professional help as he will taper the dose, and you will not have any severe withdrawal symptoms. Seeking support is essential when it comes to tapering Xanax.

May 21, 2022 Sara Smith

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