Blue Xanax Bars B707

How To Spot Fake Blue Xanax Bars B707?

How To Spot Fake Blue Xanax Bars B707?

Blue B707 Xanax Bar contains Alprazolam, and it is part of a medication known as a benzodiazepine that functions as a central nervous system depressant. It is indicated to treat seizures, anxiety, and panic disorder insomnia by decreasing the abnormal excitement in the brain. It is an effective and first line of attack for various health issues.

Natural Blue Xanax bars are often obtained through a direct prescription and are used for therapeutic use, and it is usually taken in the correct dose and administered in moderation.   

The many dangers of fake Blue Xanax bar “B7 07.”

The sudden rise of fake Xanax bars and medication make it difficult to distinguish from a legitimate pull. These pills contain dangerous ingredients in the wrong dose that can be fatal. The Counterfeit blue Xanax bars may have the suitable component in the wrong amount, and it can harm your health. The counterfeit Blue B707 Xanax Bars may have the suitable active ingredient, and often the dose is terrible, resulting in addiction, drug abuse, and misuse.

The drug’s effect can be harmful as its effect, and the risk factor will vary from individual to individual. Often Fentanyl is a potent opioid; since it is readily available, it has found its way to the counterfeit drug market in the last few years. It is more powerful than heroin and is up to 100 times stronger than morphine.

Many people are unaware of the fake Xanax side effects and the harm it can cause to the body when used in the long run.

It is impossible to differentiate from the naked eye as both real and fake Xanax look identical and impossible to discern. People often buy phony Xanax for years. REAL Blue Xanax is carefully manufactured and is supplied by Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc. In addition, to help you here, we bring you specific points that will help you to discern how you can spot the difference between fake and real blue Xanax bar” b707.”

Identifying Fake blue Xanax bar 

If you buy anything on the street, then the chances are high that you have fake Blue Xanax as mainly all peddlers deal in fake Xanax, so the best bet is to avoid buying from STREET as the chances are high that you may buy FAKE blue XANAX bar.

A fentanyl strip is another potent and sure-shot way to detect fake Xanax by using Fentanyl. Originally it was used and intended for urine drug tests, and these strips are used for off-label use and based on the result, you can determine whether it contains deadly Fentanyl or its analog.

It is impossible for everyone to detect through Fentanyl strips, so what are a few ways to help differentiate between fake and genuine Xanax bars?

Incorrect markings and font

Font and incorrect marking can quickly be stamped with “XANAX,” and fake drugs often have an asymmetrical appearance along with the indentation. At the same time, the vertical lines are not well aligned and evenly spaced.

Unusual physical appearance 

Real Xanax has an opaque coating irrespective of the color white, blue, and peach, and the drug’s layer is often glossy. The bar is evenly colored, and if you break the pill, it should have a very thin coating rim; if it has uncoated patches, then it is probably fake Xanax, and often, the color is missing from any of the indentations.

Missing or changes in LOGO 

Many  counterfeit drugs use the correct Logo and color shape of a XANAX pill, and often, it is not possible to rule out any difference between fake and genuine here are some common mistakes that can be easily detected, and here are those typical signs related to Logo of the blue Xanax bar 

  • Blurry text 
  • The Logo is either raised or indented 
  • Wrong font and spelling and drug code
  • The height of the letters is unruly 

Real XANAX is made in the lab under strict supervision, and on the other hand, fake Xanax is made out of a pressed pill that is fake and dangerous.

The actual drug will dissolve in water rapidly, whereas fake Xanax will not dissolve in water, proving that it is a counterfeit or substandard product.


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